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The official PUBG Mobile store will finish two years of its reality and season 12 of the well-known game will reach stores soon.

The new update, which will be called 0.17.0, is now accessible on beta. There will be a few extras added so far no new clues and normal interaction patterns this time around.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 will be implemented with this upcoming update. As usual, new skins, clothing and decorations based on the festival's theme are natural. Two mini-games can be revealed in the app where players can win prizes.

More tags

The current model of PUBG Mobile allows players to use only one type of marker on the map. The new update will contain eight formations of tags to identify situations, enemies, location of the assault, etc.


demise of replay

The element, which is now accessible in PC form, is finally moving towards phones with the impending update. The player can see the restart to make sure the error is not reset.


Outrageous cold situation

In this new endurance mode, one needs to endure the extreme cold by finding a spark and making a fire.

Players can also kill creatures and chickens to eat during the “Observant Virus Wave.” There will be an hour in mode to educate when the Obscene Virus Wave approaches. This will help players realize when they find protection and be ready to take on.


Visually challenge mode

During last year's Pubg Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals, Chinese game maker Tencent said that a visually challenged mode will be added to the game in 2020. Now this mode is accessible in beta form of the update.


PUBG موبايل: كنت خارج من تسديدة بعيدة إلى أن العشاء الدجاج حتى الآس هذه الأعمال المثيرة

يجب أن نترك الأمر معروفا. تهيمن الألعاب يحب PUBG موبايل هو أبعد من عالم الخيال. ليس من الممكن لأحد أن يفوز في جميع المباريات باستمرار في أي وقت من اليوم في أي ظرف من الظروف. وليكن ما يكون, ثم, عند هذه النقطة هناك بعض الذين يقتربون وهم الرؤساء الحقيقيين الذين يأخذون كل الدجاج لتناول العشاء, غالبية المناسبات. كيف يفعلون ذلك ؟ هل يتطلب هذا العديد من فترات طويلة من التركيز على أفضل طريقة للعب واستدعاء المنطقة حيث تحصل على أهم النهب؟ أو من ناحية أخرى هل هو إلى حد كبير تعزيز الخبرة المناسبة في قدرة محدودة على تركيز الوقت؟ ونحن نعتقد انها آخر المذكورة وهذه الأعمال المثيرة خمسة هي في الواقع ما يجب أن يكون هذا الشخص الذي "verges على" الهيمنة PUBG موبايل.


التبديل السريع بين التطورات الإصبع

This is basically simple but in any case we give it some light. You've been playing PUBG Mobile for months now on the off chance that it could possibly be a better command on a person's development and when he/she fires or works, your shots get in the hard chicken dinner. It tends to be difficult to deal with many touch screens yet installs for spryness, requirements one to know how to move the switch instantly between them. You can even allocate an effort to put the catches on display based on your acceptance.


hunch, stand, point, shoot

Simply don't start without aiming to take shots at the opponent as soon as you see it. We've seen this event quite often in group matches where this hyperactive part keeps curling up and taking shots at whatever it thinks is moving. Try not to be that individual. Regardless of whether you spot an opponent, keep watch out for assuming heshe is far away from anyone else or with a group, spot the others, and safer away in recognizing that figures of how to shroud you until after the enemy finds a clue in which he is shooting from . When he understands, you've effectively got yourself killed.